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Want to make complete sense of Genesis in light of modern science/evolution?  Look no further. Upon finishing all of Denis O. Lamoureux’s DDS PhD PhD free online multimedia episodes in this intriguing course, I had to keep wiping grateful tears from my face — it made SO much sense of it all.  It explained SO many questions that had nagged me (and most other Christians) my whole life!

For years, I actually had avoided Professor Lamoureux’s books and online content because I didn’t prefer some of his conclusions.  But, now after hearing him out and seeing the evidence myself, I’m sold and oh how I wish I had looked there first!!!

It is now an online Coursera MOOC as Science and Religion 101, taught by renowned science/religion author, Professor Denis Lamoureux, DDS PhD PhD, is now available.  This is a highly polished course that Dr. Lamoureux has taught over 65 times for over 20 yrs.

It’s FREE to try for 7 days!  Screenshots of course episode slides

But, you don’t have to share his views to benefit greatly  from the course.  The purpose of the course is for students to be equipped to develop their OWN science/religion position.

The course builds on itself and it is important to start from the beginning and work your way through to the end.  Professor Lamoureux’s says that the group discussions with other students in the class has proven to be invaluable for students.  The is group discussion and the ability to interact with Dr. Lamoureux is available only in the paid options.  My own science/religion paradigm shift was a lonely experience and how I wished I had had the discussion option years ago!

Refer back to the above homepages for forthcoming registration details or email me at and I’ll make sure you get the details ASAP.

Why I think Professor Lamoureux’s course is THE science/religion course to take:

  • Highly polished – given 61 times over the last 17 years with high student satisfaction (average rating to 4.7 on 5.0), including teaching awards from the University of Alberta Students’ Union.
  • Dr. Lamoureux’s academic credentials (see his CV):
    • Ph.D. in Biology   Specialization: Oral Biology–Dental Development and Evolution
    • Ph.D. in Theology   Specialization: Interdisciplinary Theology–Science and Religion
    • Master of Christian Studies from Regent College with a specialty in Genesis 1-11 during its heyday with J.I. Packer & Bruce Waltke)
    • Master of Divinity from Regent College and Carey Hall
    • Board of Governors Awards for both MCS & MDV and awards for both evangelism and proficiency in Hebrew
    • Doctor of Dental Surgery
    • Dr. Lamoureux is a true expert in the modern origins controversy with specialization in both biblical interpretation AND biology at the Ph.D. level!
  • Dr. Lamoureux holds the first university tenure-track positions in science & religion in Canada.
  • University of Alberta is rated in the top 50-75 academic institutions in the world!
  • Evangelical publisher, Zondervan Publishing, has a forthcoming book on 4 views of Adam due out in December 2013.  Dr. Lamoureux is one of the authors of that book and presents one of the 4 views.
  • What the class discussions will be about – class survey cards
  • Note that 60% of the final exam on the first day of the class so they can prepare throughout the term.  These are 20 short answer questions hitting top topics in sci-rel.
  • Some of Denis Lamoureux’s key beliefs/convictions:

Yes, public universities in the U.S. can accept this course as an Arts elective because it is a cross-cultural experience to a university that is in Canada, i.e., where they do not have the separation of church and state.

Keith Furman, PhD

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