A Better Model for Intelligent Design (ID) Consistent with Both Scripture AND Modern Science in a New Talk by Professor Denis O. Lamoureux, DDS PhD PhD

Absolutely! I do!  But, I must confess, it took me a full 2 yrs to get used-to the idea, the idea that God chose evolution as His God-ordained and sustained creative tool, and be truly joyful about it.  That was 3 &1/2 yrs ago after over 34 years formerly holding to a scientific creationist (YEC->OEC->ID-Theory) paradigm (stay-tuned for “My Story”).  Now I’m an Evangelical Christian & an evolutionist and I do stand in awe of God’s glory when I see people and beauty & complexity in nature – now more than ever because, after going through Lamoureux’s Web Lectures (the place to start) and his online college course (free to view), I can now read Genesis without that “Does not compute” voice going off in my head and my faith makes sense in combination with an evolutionary paradigm!

Why 2 long yrs?

  1. The FALSE creation vs. evolution dichotomy & anti-evolution sentiment I encountered most of my life as an Evangelical (since age 16) was so deeply ingrained in me;

  2. I had nary a like-minded soul to talk to for 2 yrs until I found the ASA ( ) just over a year ago;  and

  3. I didn’t have this talk or Denis’ FREE online college course to help make sense of it all.

Here’s the talk – (be sure not to miss the 2nd half): INTELLIGENT DESIGN: DELUSION, UNCERTAINTY, OR DIVINE REVELATION?  by Denis O. Lamoureux, DDS, PhD, PhD (63 minutes)

  • Talk in interactive Flash format (PC, Droid)
  • Handout (.PDF)

So, it comes down to observations of beauty & engineering in the book-of-nature providing sufficient (when combined with other reasons to believe) pointers to an ultimate Intelligent Designer such that we are without excuse before God in a Romans 1 & 2 sense, (esp. Ro 1:20), but those pointers do not rise to the level of proof or even truly testable scientific evidence, i.e., they must still be combined with faith. Professor Lamoureux calls the model described in the 2nd half ‘a’ model of ID that encompasses/describes all positions from Dawkins to the various Evangelical views.  I see it is as a thoroughly biblical/scriptural manner that is also completely consistent with modern science – intriguing!

Combine this with the fine-tuning argument (see also the 7 minute Episode 86 in the Class Audio-Slides of Lamoureux’s online college course) and evidence for the INEVITABILITY of essentially humans in an evolutionary paradigm without the need for subsequent guidance springing from an initial Creative event and the ubiquitous evidence for convergence in evolution, a la Simon Conway Morris, and I think you have a very intellectually and theologically satisfying picture where God is not redundant in an evolutionary paradigm.

That’s my take.  What’s yours?  Agree?  Disagree?  Thoughts?

Keith Furman, PhD

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