About the Gospel and Evolution


The absolute need for an “About” section didn’t hit-me-upside-the-head until  I tweeted something about the incarnation and got the reply, “Which incarnation?” Only aware of one incarnation: the incarnation of Jesus Christ, I asked the Twitter follower what she meant. She didn’t know any other incarnations either – she just wanted to make sure I “wasn’t a ‘crazy’”! Now, if this blog were about Jeeps, I could say, “I love Jeep Wranglers!”, and you’d basically …

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Big Surprise in Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate

Venus flytrap carnivorouse plant_365x200

Surprises in the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate? With the exception of what I thought was THE big surprise below, the debate panned-out pretty much as predicted in my post before the event, “6 Reasons Why Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Gives Truth a Black Eye”, with a few surprises, at least one of them pleasant – Bill Nye was careful to point out that it was “Ken Ham’s creation model” that he, and the …

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6 Reasons Why Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Gives the Truth a Black Eye


My daughter once danced with Bill Nye.  She grew up on Bill Nye the Science Guy.  So, when Nye appeared at a local swing dance, she plotted with the young man she was dancing with to surreptitiously work their way over to Nye before the next dance started.  It worked – Bill Nye asked her to dance.  She said Nye could really shake a leg! 1. The Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate is Over …

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5 Week Science and Religion Course WITH Discussion


Interested in science & religion discussion with others but don’t need college credit and don’t have the time or $$ for a full college course?  Consider this 5 week ONLINE non-credit Science and Religion course, with class discussion, starting soon (date is TBD). Professor Lamoureux’s full college course has greatly expanded.  Therefore, it’s now been determined that this 5 week class will be FREE the first time it is given. Interact with Professor Denis O. …

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PEW Research Says 24% Believe God “Guided” Evolution — But, What Does That Mean?

The public’s views on human evolution — the brand new December 30th, 2013 PEW Research Center results on human evolution are just out.  24% of Americans believe God “guided” evolution.  But, what does that mean?  Are they asking the wrong question about God and human evolution?  I wouldn’t know how to answer the one.  “Guided” means different things to different people and implies supernatural intervention, in my mind. What I want to know is how …

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What if Evolution Meant High Intelligence and an Advanced Civilization Were INEVITABLE???

THE Gospel and Evolution Cosmic Evolution graphic 316 x 200 Bold

You’ll never guess who believes that – Richard Dawkins. “Shut up!!!”, you’re thinking. No, it’s true! While few scientists currently agree with them on the question of whether a highly intelligent species and advance civilization are inevitable in evolution [1], famed Oxford evolutionary biologist and outspoken atheist, Richard Dawkins, AGREES with Simon Conway Morris and Kenneth Miller (two ardent evolutionists who are also ardent Christians) that high intelligence and an advanced civilization are INEVITABLE in …

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Is Scientific Concordism Really a Feature of the Bible?

Martin Luthers Geocentric Universe

Scientific concordism is the default evangelical biblical interpretation that ASSUMES God revealed modern scientific concerns and scientific facts about our world along with revealed inerrant message of faith.  But, “Is scientific concordism really a feature of the Bible?”, as theologian AND scientist Dr. Denis O. Lamoureux asks? Genesis 1:6 ¶ And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 7 And God …

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Metaphysics-Physics Principle

Don’t Leave College Without It… Want to make complete sense of Genesis in light of modern science/evolution?  Look no further.  Upon finishing all of Denis O. Lamoureux’s DDS PhD PhD free online multimedia episodes in this intriguing course, I had to keep wiping grateful tears from my face — it made SO much sense of it all.  It explained SO many questions that had nagged me (and most other Christians) my whole life! For years, I …

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Darwin Quote about theism and evolutionism

A Better Model for Intelligent Design (ID) Consistent with Both Scripture AND Modern Science in a New Talk by Professor Denis O. Lamoureux, DDS PhD PhD Absolutely! I do!  But, I must confess, it took me a full 2 yrs to get used-to the idea, the idea that God chose evolution as His God-ordained and sustained creative tool, and be truly joyful about it.  That was 3 &1/2 yrs ago after over 34 years formerly …

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